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Saturday, July 2, 2011

The amazing car saleman

Chanting abundant daimoku to the Gohonzon enables us to have the Buddha wisdom to find solutions to the problems we face and open the path to achieve our dreams. Tan Kian Ann, a YMD from Singapore did not have the required knowledge and experience to pursue the dream career he wants. However, through his faith, he eventually succeeds.
Good morning. My name is Kian Ann. I am from Singapore Soka Association (SSA), a YMD from Eunos Central Chapter, District 1.
I would like to share my testimonial on my career. Hope it can inspire our members.
I took up faith in Nichiren Daishonin’s buddhism in 2007. Since then, I had received many benefits in my career, which span over 3 years.
Since young, I had always loves sports cars like Porsche, Ferrari etc. I get excited and happy whenever I see these cars on the road. I dreamt to be a salesperson for such sports cars when I grow up.
After spending 10 years in the police force, I decided to venture into the car sales industry. I want to realise my dream.
However, there were 2 challenges in hand.
First, I do not have the sales experience and knowledge on cars. Second, I am the breadwinner in the family. I need a stable income to support my family.
The income from car sales is dependent on the sales I made every month. This means that I would not have a stable income to support my family. I chanted for the wisdom and courage to pursue my dream.
I went for several interviews but was unsuccessful. I was rejected due to my lack of sales experience and knowledge on cars. I chanted wholeheartedly to realise this dream and to get into a company where I can grow and learn.
I was fortunate to be selected by a company in which the boss decided to ‘try’ me.
I joined the company in June 2008. In the first 3 months, I struggled to equip myself with good knowledge on cars. I read magazines, journals, etc., till late every night to prepare myself better.
However, in Sep 2008, the world was hit by a financial crisis. This crisis had badly affected many industries worldwide, including the car sales industry.
My family and friends were saddened that I joined the industry at the wrong time. I only had 4 sales for the first 6 months.
The sales income was not enough for me to support my family. I had to dig into my personal savings to support my family.
I was worried the crisis would prolong and affect my sales. I chanted lots of daimoku and engaged myself in all Gakkai activities despite the worries I had.
The Daishonin said: “Winter always turn to spring. Never, from ancient times on, has anyone heard or seen of winter turning back to autumn. Nor have we ever heard of a believer in the Lotus Sutra who turned into an ordinary person.”
In fact, this crisis produces opportunities. As the crisis prolonged, the price of Continental cars (German and Italian, etc.) fell drastically. The drastic fall in price became an opportunity for many to buy Continental cars.
The sales of Continental cars grew. I sold 24 Continental cars to date. These sales range from between S$150,000 to S$500,000.
They include sports car brands like Audi, BMW, Porsche and Maserati. My best deal was a Maserati worth almost half a million dollars.
This was the biggest deal any salesperson in the company had closed. I was surprised that a newbie like me would be able to achieve such fantastic results in 3 years. This career had unleashed my potential in sales. I was also able to build trust and good relationships with my valued clients.
In addition, I was able to afford to take over a van from my relative and used it for kosen-rufu. My income was sufficient to pay for the expenses in using the van without digging into my personal savings.
From this experience, I would say that we must have absolute faith in Daishonin’s Buddhism. With absolute faith, Gohonzon would give us the best arrangements in life. No second best, but the BEST!
Thank you.

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