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Thursday, December 31, 2009

The powers of gohonzon

Regarding Conspicuous prayer resulting in conspicuous response

Prayers that we need immediate answer from gohonzon, when a persson is in the midst of a crisis.

I read a testimonial of a UK lady member, she was confronted by a rapist at knifepoint, she chanted and asked gohonzon to proof the power, mystically the rapist move away, at that moments he remember he had lost his keys, left to search for his keys.

On MD Low member called me and asked me what to do, he said a creditor was very angry and want to come down, to collect the debt from him.

I told him to open the gohonzon and chant one hour before talking to him. True enough when the debt collector came down, talk nicely to him and give him a good term.

Regarding Conspicuous prayer resulting in inconspicuous response

Major prayers like a big house and a good career & a good spouse etc, this types of prayer which gohonzon that does not answer immediately, which take some time to answer.

Sensei said having strong faith is more important, then worrying of our past karma.

Regarding inconspicuous prayer resulting in inconspicuous response

As we practice consistencely, we continue to purify our life and eradicating our past slanders/negative causes from our past life.

Sensei stress the importance of chanting lots of daimoku and do more shakabuku when we are healthy.

Regarding Inconspicuous prayer resulting in conspicuous response

Prayers that we never pray for or unexpected benefits or protection from gohonzon

My brother Victor, supposed to holiday in Thailand, last minute it was cancelled due to unexpected circumstances, later he found out if he will to go there he would be facing the Tsunami.

When I work in Toyota at Leng Kee Road, mystically a senior lady claim advisor nearly every morning for a few years, cooked and bought food for me to eat free of charge. Possibly the management asked her to do it because of my contributions to the company.

For teaching the mechanics how to maintain the vehicles.

Sensei said as long as you practice consistencely all your wishes in this lifetime and the next lifetime will be fulfilled.

Daishonin stated in the gosho, if our faith is strong all our wishes will be fulfilled.

From the gosho: Letter to Domyo Zemmon

I have received your request for prayers for your father, and I will offer them in the presence of the Buddha. Concerning prayer, there are conspicuous prayer and conspicuous response, conspicuous prayer and inconspicuous response, inconspicuous prayer and inconspicuous response, and inconspicuous prayer and conspicuous response. However, the essential point is that, so long as you carry out faith in this sutra, all your wishes will be fulfilled in both present and future existences. The third volume of the Lotus Sutra states, "Even though the devil and his subjects are there, they will protect the Buddhist Law." And the seventh volume states, "...his illness will vanish immediately, and he will find perpetual youth and eternal life." You must not doubt these golden words. I deeply appreciate Myoichi-ama's visit to this mountain. I have given her a written scroll, which I would like you to read. Nam-myoho-renge-kyo.


The tenth day of the eighth month in the second year of Kenji (1276), cyclical sign hinoe-ne.

Major Writings of Nichiren Daishonin, Vol. 6. Page 173.

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