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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Manifesting my highest potential in two major corporations

NITEC II awarding ceremony - Singapore Press Holdings
In 1986, I was at my bottom of my life, which I seem can't get out of my family karma. Eric Yeo reintroduced me back to gohonzon, I started chanting & activities, not very long a master printer approached me, asked me to join Singapore Press Holdings, amazing things started to happen, which was near my house and sponsored me Nitec II in Printing, very fast they called me master printer because I can solve problems, many work much longer then me, can't solved.

In my younger days when I was a few years old I observed the old bicycle shop man, how he repaired the bicycle and repaired my own bicycle,  I am able to put into good use through the power of gohonzon.

My bicycle skills was featured in various medias

Growing up as our family were poor, so we got to repair my bicycles, as I trained difficult, feats as the bicycle damaged often, I had not much money to repair it often. 

Setting and lubricating a bicycle to the optimal condition, so that it can be cycle in a difficult condition in the grass, with the minimal of strength

I chanted one hour per day, when I started to work there, controlling the web machines at the ground floor, controlling up to 4 machines, which feed the web up to the upper floor printing machines, other printers usually controlled only 2 machines every day sure got one web break, for one month the machines surprisingly that I controlled got no web break at all, then I moved up to the upper floor, they saw my skills, usually they assigned me the jobs that need the most critical skills of all, repairing and maintaining the machinery in the best conditions.

Because of my background of repairing my own bicycles and vigorous training in Upper Aljunied Technical School between 1974 to 1977. I had work various technical jobs during my school vacations and after I had graduated from UATS I worked nearly a year as a welder, welding windows grilles and gates etc, I was appointed to set the printing rollers and maintenance of the machines.

At Upper Aljunied Technical School

The final 9 months of my NTC course every I got to repair, setting the printing rollers and lubricating the machineries. 

From 1987 the company made $70 millions net, when I joined, and when I left the company, it made $250 millions net at 1991.

I was awarded the Printer of the Year, 

I got a call from Singapore Press Holdings journalist in 1990, she took some photos of me, and told me I received the Suggestion award and given a token for my suggestions, which was published in the Singapore Press Holdings newsletter.

Soon after 2 years I started chanting after sleeping in the street for 20 over years, I am able to buy a 3 room flat even at that time it was impossible for me to buy, but through the gohonzon power I able to buy it. 

In Toyota, where I work at night and trade stock in the morning, I always every night used the special lubricant  cans with the tube pointing to the most critical area of the cars, the ball bearings, so the every morning the mechanic know what to do to lubricate the most important parts of the cars, which make lot of different. 

In working in Toyota, the period I chanted around 2 hours of daimoku per day for a second baby, my prayer were answered in 2005.

Which through my years of experiences and experimenting with various chemical, which I found out why machinery don't run as before after sometimes and the effective process of solving it. I estimated Toyota spent $3000 to award me free meals everyday. The oxidations of the machineries after it got contact with water made it difficult to run and need regularly lubricating it with the right chemical.

When owners came to pick up their vehicles, and when they drive out, they found out what a big different, when I joined Toyota in 2000 they made around $20 million net, when I left later in 2004 they made $100 millions net, nearly every morning the lady Toyota Senior Claim Advisor brought breakfast and cooked for me free, I estimated they spent around $3K appointing the lady to do it.

When I joined them The Bodycare Centre at  Leng Kee Road, not many cars came for maintenance, slowly early in the morning long line of cars queuing in the morning, many Toyota staff from around the world came here to study how come this place was so profitable, in 2000 they were behind Nissan, when I left they earn much more than Nissan, the power of gohonzon is truly amazing.

Contributing my skills to the making and the innovation solutions in designing  of the Chingay Parade props

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